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Naam Sabine
Datum 24-06-2018 01:34:50

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Naam Ronda
Datum 22-05-2018 16:15:07

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Datum 10-03-2018 07:08:25

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Naam Simon Haywood
Datum 27-01-2018 21:32:45

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your website. Thank you very much for sharing all your information with us all.

Keep up the great work, it is well appreciated.

Simon (UK)

Naam Kjell Idsal
Datum 06-10-2017 16:25:37

First thank you guys for a wonderful list collection for us aircraft geeks!
I have an update for you guys that might be hard to get as it is in paper-archives. I run a FB Group, The C54/DC-4 Skymaster, and we discussed the fate of/or origin of a China Airline DC-4. Our main question was, what Mfsn it had. After some heavy internet work we where lost until a member told us that it was 'c/n27310'.. ?!? We asked where he could prove this and his prompt answer was at ROC CAA archives. Well once again we had to search, but invasion. He then added that these archives was paper-archive and not able get hold of via the Net.. so with this as a 'proof', if enough, I would tell you following:
DC-4 c/n27310 in 'your list' had a remark after info of Ken-Air as operator, it said:'quote: rgd, reg canx 23.08.98, sold to China? un-quote'
According Australian sources and ROC CAA records archives, this aircraft was given reg. as B-1813 of China Airlines.
rdgs: Kjell Idsal, Norway.

Naam Rusty
Datum 29-09-2014 09:27:54

thnx for sharing your good web site.

Naam Stewart Lanham
Datum 03-12-2005 22:26:09

Nice to see the addition of the DC-4. I look forward to other classic prop production lists.


Naam Jawad
Datum 07-07-2005 18:48:46

Great website! It gave me alot of good facts about the concorde and i loved it. Thanks for sharing all this.

Naam Willem Smorenberg
Datum 09-01-2005 13:22:12

De Fokker F-27 Serienummer 10162 (C-12),
Staat nu in het kleurenschema van de C-8 als
poortwachter bij de ingang van vliegbasis
Eindhoven. De C-8 wordt voor opleidings doeleinden gebruikt.

Complimenten met de uitgebreide info.

Naam Jack Wolbrink
Datum 27-12-2004 17:52:56

Echt een bruikbare en informatieve site! Heb hem bij mijn favorieten gezet en zal de site zeker regelmatig bezoekn. Klasse!

Datum 25-12-2004 10:23:58

Beste mensen,

Heel goed gedaan met jullie site
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Naam MIEUSSET Ludovic
Datum 15-12-2004 05:50:10

Congratulations on a great job. It is a reference. Keep up the work.

Naam Calvin Gresham
Datum 23-08-2004 12:38:55

I worked from 1980 through 1993, that is when Airforce Plant #3 closed the doors. I was a Structure Mechanic for several different programs, my last being the F-15.

Naam Dmitriy
Datum 06-08-2004 15:02:20

Greetings from Russia! It is a great job! I've been impressed. I wait for the new updates.

Naam Edwin Trouwee
Datum 27-05-2004 19:42:29

Great site. I get most of my info from your site. Keep up the greaty work.

Naam Slavko
Datum 03-05-2004 14:32:59

Fantastic site.
News :
5 Air Littoral CRJ F-GLIY,F-GLIZ,F-GLIJ,F-GPYQ,F-GPTG in LJU, foto in planpictures.net

Naam Chris Hughes
Datum 01-05-2004 04:23:55

Great site, very usefull, keep up the good work. Many thanks

Naam ryan
Datum 03-01-2004 07:06:16

Any news on the status of the Metro 2/3/23 list?

Naam Anon
Datum 26-12-2003 03:53:21

Any chance you could put up HTML exported version? Not everyone uses Excel.

Naam Czech
Datum 19-08-2003 22:34:02

Very good lists , but miss lists Lockheed Constelations.

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