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Naam Marc Neumann
Datum 16-07-2003 20:44:24

For me as a spotter itīs one of the best sites in the Internet about production list.

I have two wishes.

Please divide the fotos and the pure information.
It sometimes takes long to load the page.
And please change the background color.


Naam Colin
Datum 11-06-2003 14:37:06

What can I say but... great site !!! Although I found it by chance I have passed it onto other aviation enthusiasts who will no doubt find it as facinating as I do. Already you have answered something I always had at the back of my mind. Question - “Many years ago which Concorde did I visit at the Science Museum, Yeovilton, UK after it was taken out of service?”. Answer – “Concorde c/no. 002, Reg. G-BSST”. Thanks.

Naam Mikhail
Datum 18-03-2003 22:38:22

No info about helicopters... That's not fair...

Naam Ralph Walker
Datum 13-03-2003 16:11:49

How often are these spreadsheets updated ?

Great info

Best regards


Naam Darren Featherstone
Datum 12-03-2003 23:42:13

Fantastic site very interesting and a good site for finding out information. Just one question are thinking of doing anything on the Metroliner.

Naam Erwin Husmann
Datum 21-02-2003 16:41:32

And again the site has become better , with more types. Where will this end Really, great site, I just keep coming back. You just save me so much time!!

Please keep it up!

Naam japan fox india
Datum 11-02-2003 03:35:51

do you have any plan to create AN-124 list?

Naam japan fox india
Datum 11-02-2003 03:29:58

do you have any plan to create IL-76 list in the future? i appreciate if you give me any idea...thanks

please maintain very good and useful information. if i found anything for you, where i can email to??

best wishes,

Naam Mike Clenton
Datum 07-12-2002 23:10:32

This is a brilliant website. A real treasure chest amongst many boxes of junk.

Naam julien moerenhout
Datum 14-11-2002 16:15:12

This website is one of my favorite!!
As i'm also using xls for aviation related lists it's very useful for me!
This is a VERY GREAT job! And this is also one of the only site who add regularly some new a/c types! well done guys, continue like that!

btw, do you have the EMB-121 Xingu in project?

Regards from Belgium.

Naam Rene Sikkerle
Datum 10-11-2002 18:16:37


Je hebt een geweldige site.
vooral de fokker-lijsten zijn heel welkom
gewoon doorgaan.



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